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Real Estate Lot Is Where Your Money Is And Not The Home

Posted by dungvictor on June 13, 2019
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Real Estate: Lot Is Exactly Where Your Cash Is And Not The House

You’ve probably heard some real estate investment guru’s tell you that now is the best time to invest in real estate. Its dose not take a genius to figure out that the current property market is at an all time low and in may ways its in real danger of complete collapse in some parts of the country. With foreclosures happening at an alarming rate, even the banks are in danger of collapse simply because they now have to repossess properties that they cannot sell.

Real Estate Lot Is Where Your Money Is And Not The Home

MEDICAL PROPERTIES TRUST- It is a REIT or see post in africa trust as are all the below plays. This is a sector that has been absolutely hammered by the market.

Always, always, always keep your wall on Facebook clean. You don’t want a whole bunch of unnecessary nonsense that doesn’t pertain to your particular niche on your wall. GUARD IT!Only let value be put on your wall that can benefit others that read it. And real estate in Africa turn, it will benefit you as well.

Pay off all your student loans. You need to come up with a financial strategy to pay off your student loan. This may be difficult especially if you’re earning a minimum wage but you can check out other repayment options which would be easier for your financial capacity.

Foremost among all the investment property tips is to imagine that the property that you intend to buy is for renting out, rather than you living there. Remember, a sprawling lawn will not bring you cash flow. Instead, you need to take into account as to what a tenant would want? The house that you want to buy should have the necessary supporting infrastructure to attract tenants.

I identified priorities and the first was to exit herself from the lease so no more invoices were billed against her. The second was to get her back on her feet. She needed to earn some money fast. She had living expenses and one way or another she had to repay the suppliers she owed. Right then and there i made 7 phone calls on her behalf after getting her agreement. One to the landlord of the property she was stuck in and 6 to the various suppliers she was indebted to.

Successful investors know that to win regularly in the market, one of the golden rules and habit you must develop is to learn how to preserve your capital. You will be at rest and cool whenever there is a major upset in the market.

And by all means, if you have any outdoor space such as a balcony or patio, make the most of it. Bring your sense of design outside and make it an extension of your interior. It’s like adding a free room to your home.

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